Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Joan Illuzzi Falsely Prosecuted Mr Hernandez Who Did Come in Contact w/ Etan Patz Killer?

I believe the killer of Etan Patz had contact with Mr Hernandez way back when recognizing that he was slow try to convince him he did something wrong to little boy!

 Is it possible that Mr. Hernandez is a victim of the actual killer we try to convince him it was his fault as well as corrupt police officers and a crap DA who wanted to do a PR move like Cy Vance  we'll see prosecuting the Goldman Sachs programmer but not one Goldman Sachs executive responsible for the mortgage meltdown of the Wall Street implosion?

I can verify that I was coerced by detective from the 1st Precinct detective squad who broke laws lied police reports threatened me protected people who were violently threatening me and people from the doctors office were trying to convince me it was my fault when it wasn't!

I told Joan Illuzzi was coerced and she did not want to hear it she was going to protect NYPD corruption and I told her that I believe Joe Tacopina posted he threatening comment on the YouTube six days after I was attacked calling me a cunt threatening to bury and destroy me and see the tables turned if I took any legal action and I forwarded to the corrupt detective who lied and police reports and he acted on that threat! 

Joan Iluzzi protects NYPD wrongdoing, and I believe she is falsely prosecuted a man who is not guilty twice!

Joan Illuzzi-Orbon a Liar in my Opinion : ADA Joan Illuzzi Etan Patz My Case NYPD 01 Det Squad PO Schatz's FB Photo

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